We want your thoughts! We have numerous ways for you to leave your feedback with us.

1) If something isn't the way you like it or you can't find something you need, please bring your concern to a supervisor or manager and we can often assist you immediately!

2) Fill out this form and send a message to our team.

3) Fill out our detailed Dining Feedback form to provide specific, actionable feedback to our team. 

4) USG runs a forum of students, our Dining Committee, to share regular feedback directly with our General Manager and Manager team. Reach out to USG about joining, or submit your feedback to a Dining Committee member.  We are actively seeking dining committee members who dine with food allergies, medical conditions or specific preferences (Vegan & Vegetarian). Join Dining Committee and help revolutionize student dining on campus!

5) We need your help to recognize the employee that makes your day a little brighter. Say thanks and your fave employee could win national recognition and prizes!

We appreciate your feedback, and want to be a part of making your dining service what you want it to be! Feel free to stop in and see us or contact us. 

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