3 Things I Learned About Dining as a Commuter

As a commuter, I never really took the time to see what food is offered on campus. I tend to wander off-campus, occasionally pack a lunch, or just eat at home. I assumed there weren’t many options for commuters unless you had a meal plan. I wasn’t aware that I could still eat at The Star, even if I didn’t have a meal plan! Hence why I never saw all the delicious food they offer there, Clewell Dining, and other spots on campus.

It was only recently that I learned all Moravian Dining has to offer, even for commuters! Did you know that you can still eat at places like The Star even if you didn’t purchase a meal plan? Or that you can purchase hound bucks to use at various spots around campus? Eating on campus may make it more convenient for you. You won’t have to worry about packing a lunch, don’t have to lose your parking spot if you eat off-campus, and the food will be fresh and ready for you to eat! To learn more, visit this linkhttps://moravian.sodexomyway.com/my-meal-planto find out about the meal plans and dining dollar options that Moravian has to offer. 

To learn more about what Moravian Dining can do to help you, there is a survey you can fill out. Do you have any food allergies, intolerances, preferences, or restrictions? Do you eat a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, halal, or kosher diet? Let us know in the survey linked below! (link food preferences survey) Filling out this survey will allow us to further understand how many students have certain dietary restrictions, in order to find ways to help them have a delicious and safe dining experience! If you have any further concerns, ideas for what you want to see, or any comments at all, consider joining a focus group so we can hear your thoughts! Fill out this google form, and we will be in touch!  

Follow @moraviandining to stay updated on everything they have to offer! They post delicious meals from their on-campus restaurants daily as well as upcoming events, tips on how to stay healthy, and other great posts! 

Mahum Naveed, Public Health '22