Faculty & Staff Meal Plans

Choose Convenience & Value!

Now Moravian University's employees can save even more with our Faculty & Staff meal plans! There are THREE great options for dining on campus:

  • Faculty & Staff meal plan includes 20 meal swipes for $7.75 each - save significantly on our 2024-2025 Door Rates at The Star & Clewell
  • Join our Faculty & Staff Lunch Club and get a meal for $7.75 at the door, pay how you choose.
  • Hound Bucks (formerly Additional Dining Dollars) can be added to your account at any time in any amount, used at any dining location, don't expire, and you receive a bonus of free dollars with your purchase.

How to choose? Where you dine most frequently will help you make that decision.

If you prefer the choices and variety of The Star or Clewell, choose the Faculty & Staff meal plan or join our Lunch Club. If you find yourself dining most frequently in our retail locations (Blue & Grey Café, DeLight's Café or Clewell Convenience), Additional Dining Dollars might be best for you.

Combine both for the ultimate in flexibility and convenience. Meal plans and Additional Dining Dollars are loaded onto your Faculty & Staff ID and you will be able to make contactless payment in our dining locations. Plus, purchasing a meal plan will save you significantly on our door rates. 

To join our Faculty & Staff Lunch Club, please stop by Memorial 102 (M-F, 10 am - 3 pm) and get your Faculty & Staff lunch sticker!  Then, when you're ready to dine in The Star or Clewell, show your ID card to the cashier and they'll apply the special $7.75 rate.

Our door rates in 2024 - 2025 for The Star & Clewell:
Breakfast (7 am - 10:30 am): $8.50
Lunch (10:30 am - 2:30 pm): $12.25
Dinner (4:30 pm - 8 pm): $14.50
Special Pop Up Dinner: $15

To add meal plans, Hound Bucks or find out more, click the menus below.

Faculty and Staff can enjoy the benefits of dining on campus, too! No need to leave, lose your parking spot or precious time leaving campus and then returning.  

You are welcome to stop in anytime and can pay the following door rates per meal:

Any location: Coffee Refills w/Reusable Mug $1.49

The Star

Breakfast: $8.50

Lunch: $12.25

Dinner: $14.50

Special Pop Up Dinner: $15

Our Dining locations are cashless, so please be prepared with Hound Bucks, credit, debit, Apple Pay or other phone payments.

Save on our door rates above when you purchase a Faculty & Staff meal plan - just $7.75 per meal! Dine with all-you-care-to-eat options at our campus restaurants The Star and Clewell.

Don't forget - you can always add on Hound Bucks for added convenience and dine in our retail locations, too, while receiving a 10% bonus for adding $0-199, and 20% bonus of free dollars for adding over $200. Faculty and Staff Hound Bucks also never expire! Use them year-round.

Faculty & Staff Meal Plan, effective 7/1/24

  • 20 lunches or dinners, just $7.75 per meal.
  • Price: $155.00

Add a Faculty Staff plan anytime during the year; plans for faculty staff don't expire (unless, of course, you leave Moravian University).  Click the button below, log into AMOS and add a plan to your account.

Add Faculty/Staff Plan

Faculty & Staff Lunch Club
Don't want to purchase 20 meals at a shot? Get our special $7.75 door rate when you join our Faculty & Staff Lunch Club. Stop by Memorial 102 (Monday - Friday, 10 am - 3 pm) and get a special sticker for your ID - then, when you stop in The Star or Clewell, we'll honor that $7.75 door rate for any meal. Note: we are CASHLESS on our campus, so please be prepared with Hound Bucks, credit, debit or Apple Pay for your payment.


Hound Bucks (formerly Additional Dining Dollars) are part of a declining balance account independent of a meal plan. They are available online, at any time. Staff & Faculty can use them even if you don't have a meal plan, or use them in combination with a Faculty & Staff meal plan. They never expire and canbe used year-round. While most faculty & staff choose to use them at our retail locations (The Blue & Grey Café, DeLight's Café and Clewell Convenience), they can also be used to pay the cash door rate at both The Star & Clewell.

When you buy Hound Bucks online, you'll receive bonus dollars, free: 10% bonus when you add $20 - $199 Hound Bucks and 20% more when you buy more than $200 in Hound Bucks. Hound Bucks stay with you in your account until your balance is $0 or until you leave Moravian University (for any reason) - the dollars will be forfeited upon your departure.

Add Hound Bucks Dining Dollars Easily

  1. Click the link below.
  2. Login to AMOS
  3. Navigate to "Add Money" on the dashboard.
  4. Add the amount you'd like.
  5. Enter your payment information. You will receive a 10% bonus in your account immediately. If you added $200 or more, please allow 2-3 business days for your remaining 10% account bonus to be added.