Meal Plans

If you're living on campus, yes, you are required to have a meal plan.

• All students default to our Hound Unlimited plan in Fall semester, but you may opt for the Hound 200 plan up until the first week of classes as an alternative if you would like to use meal swipes on weekends.
• If you live in housing with a kitchen, you have the option to select our Silver or our Bronze plans, or upgrade to an Unlimited Plan.
• Any student also has the option to upgrade to our Gold Unlimited 7-Day Plan.
• Commuter students, Grad Students and Faculty and Staff can select any meal plan that fits their lifestyle.
• For additional information on meal plan costs, , please head to Moravian University's Tuition and Fees webpage.

Our default meal plan is the Hound Unlimited 5-Day plan. All students living on campus will automatically default to this plan. The Hound Unlimited 5-Day provides unlimited meals between Sunday dinner and Friday lunch, and then, on weekends, students use Dining Dollars exclusively to either pay the door rate at The Star and Clewell [2024-2025 door rates: Breakfast (7 am - 11 am): $8.50, Lunch (11 am - 3:00 pm): $12.25, Dinner (4:30 pm - 8:00 pm): $14.50, Special Dinner: $15.00] or to grab some food at the B&G or Clewell Convenience.

The Gold Unlimited 7-Day plan provides Unlimited meals 7 days a week.

If you'd like to upgrade or change your meal plan, you can do so within the Meal Plans portlet on AMOS (you must make any changes before the add/drop deadline for classes). 

Hound Unlimited is designed to provide ultimate flexibility during the week for a student who may not eat as much in The Star or Clewell on the weekends.  It includes Unlimited meals in The Star or Clewell Sunday dinner through Friday at lunch, and includes $450 Dining Dollars that can be used in our retail locations or to pay the door rate on the Weekends at The Star and Clewell [2023-2024 door rates: Breakfast (7 am - 11 am): $8.50, Lunch (11 am - 3:00 pm): $12.25, Dinner (4:30 pm - 8:00 pm): $14.50, Special Dinner: $15.00]. The Hound 200 includes a set amount of meal swipes (200) that can be used 7 days a week at The Star or Clewell, and $350 Dining Dollars that can be used in our retail locations (DeLight's Café, the Blue & Grey Café or Clewell Convenience) or to pay the door rate at The Star and Clewell.

Block Meals or Meal Swipes can be used in any Resident Dining facility on campus.  You can enjoy all you care to eat in our resident dining locations, with everything from made-to-order entrees, pasta, salad bar, soup, pizza and decadent desserts! We also have special events in our dining locations that cost two swipes, like Bodacious Burgers night, or Decadent Desserts, where you can grab a huge burger, or an ice cream sundae for the cost of an extra swipe. 

Block meals or meal swipes may be used only during the semester in which they are purchased. They do not carry over from semester to semester.
Dining Dollars associated with meal plans roll over from Fall to Spring semester only. They expire at the end of the Academic year.
Hound Bucks don't expire until you graduate or otherwise leave Moravian University.

Students, faculty and staff are able to use meals at your discretion. There is no specific amount you have to use within each meal period or a week. You can track your Meal Swipes and Dining Dollars during the semester by asking any cashier in one of our dining facilities for your current balance or by logging into in eAccounts

Students, check your balance here:
  1. Login to eAccounts with your Moravian Email & network password.
  2. Select Board Transactions to see meal swipe balance and usage history.
  3. Select Account Transactions to see Dining Dollars or Hound Bucks balance and usage history.

Yes! Moravian University is allowing Students, Staff and Faculty to use meals and Dining Dollars (DD$) in locations that are open during semester breaks such as Fall Break, Spring Break and Easter Break. Hound Bucks (dollars you've added over and above your meal plan) are usable over Summer & Winter break as well.

Yes, you can change to a different meal plan during the first week of each semester with one caveat - if you live on campus, you must have at least the Hound Unlimited 5 Day plan if you don't have a kitchen, and a Bronze plan if you do have a kitchen. You can always upgrade to our Unlimited Gold plan in the first week of classes.  If you'd like to adjust/change your meal plan, you can do so within the Meal Plans portlet on AMOS (you must make any changes before the add/drop deadline for classes). 

For Spring semester, you meal plan will default to the meal plan you used in Fall semester. For example, if you changed your meal plan to a Bronze plan in Fall semester, you will default to Bronze for the Spring semester as well. If you would like to update your plan, and are a resident student, you will need to update it before the end of the first week of classes (the add/drop deadline).

Commuter students can purchase Commuter meal plans on eMarket or should reach out to Housing to opt into a larger resident student meal plan.

Rechargeable/Commuter meal plans and Hound Bucks alone are also available to purchase if you find yourself running low.  Students can simply log into eAccounts with your Moravian email and NET ID password, and select "Add Money" to add Hound Bucks.

A student and/or guardian who signs the Residence Hall Room Contract is obligated to be a resident and participate in a meal plan for the full academic year. Exceptions to these contractual obligations may be granted for extenuating medical, financial or religious and spiritual reasons. Studentsrequesting an appeal should complete the Housing Status & Meal Plan Appeal Request Form.  For medical requests, please contact the Moravian Office of Disability & Accomodations.

Have questions about how best to use your meal plan? Ask Dining Services for suggestions. 

We are a cashless facility as of August 1st, 2022.

You are still welcome to dine on campus without a meal plan - all of our locations, including our vending machines and food truck accept credit, debit and touchless payments like Apple Pay.
Items in our retail locations (Blue & Grey Café, DeLight's Café and Clewell Convenience) may be paid for with credit or debit, and you can pay the door rate to enter The Star or Clewell.

2024-2025 Door Rates for The Star & Clewell are as follows:

Breakfast (7 am - 11 am): $8.50
Lunch (10:30 am - 3 pm): $12.25
Dinner (4:30 pm - 8:00 pm): $14.50
Special Dinner (double-swipe events): $15.00

Dining on campus with a meal plan means you'll pay less per meal than our door rate so if you think you'll be dining in The Star or Clewell frequently, a meal plan can save you a significant amount of money and time.  Also, keep in mind that when you add Hound Bucks, you get free bonus dollars, too!

Commuter FAQs
Commuters are not required to have a meal plan, but can opt into any of our meal plans, including larger ones for resident students.  It's our goal for commuters to feel like part of our resident Hound pack - with access to all of our Dining facilities and meals with friends who live on campus.
  1. We have three commuter-specific meal plans with smaller amounts of meal swipes and Dining Dollars that are more appropriate for students who don't eat every meal on campus. Commuter meal plans can be purchased online on eMarket, our website for student accounts. Students will be prompted to log into AMOS, the Moravian network, with their username and password.
  2. We have six resident student meal plans available for students who eat on campus frequently (in the range of 13-15 meals per week). Students can email for assistance in signing up for a Resident Student Meal Plan.
  3. Commuters can add Hound Bucks to their account. Hound Bucks are a declining balance account that is loaded onto a student's ID card. Hound Bucks come with free bonus dollars for every purchase. Add $1-199 and receive 10% free dollars additionally; add $200 or more, and receive 10% bonus up front and 10% within 3 business days for a total of 20%.

Log in with your Moravian email address and network password, then you will see the available plan options for you. Email to select a Resident Student meal plan.

  • Log in with your Moravian Email address and network password.
  • Select "Add Money" on the dashboard screen to add Hound Bucks to your Account.
  • Enter your credit card info and be sure to click the Finalize Transaction button on the bottom right screen. Failing to click this button will mean that your transaction will not be completed.
  • Adding amounts between $1-199 will earn you an immediate 10% bonus. Adding amounts over $200 will earn you an immediate 10% bonus and an additional 10% bonus within 2-3 business days.

You sure can! We accept credit, debit and Apple pay/other phone payments in every dining location on campus. We are cashless at our dining locations as of 8/1/22.

If you'd like to try our all-you-care-to-eat student dining locations, the 2024-2025 door rates are as follows:  Breakfast: $8.50, Lunch: $12.25, Dinner: $14.50, Special Dinner: $15.00
Purchasing a commuter meal plan saves you a small amount per meal off of our door rates. The larger the meal plan that you purchase, the more of a discount you receive.  However, note that meal swipes do not roll over from semester to semester - they are "use them or lose them", so if you are trying out a meal plan it's often better to start smaller and add on to it if you find yourself using it more frequently than you thought.

Everything in the Blue & Grey Café (aka the B&G) and DeLight's Café is priced as marked.  If you find yourself spending cash in these locations, consider adding Hound Bucks to your account. You can add any amount over $1, and you earn a free bonus on your purchase (10% bonus for amounts between $1-199 added, and 20% for amounts added over $200).  That way, at least you're getting more for your money.  Hound Bucks don't expire as long as you're a student at Moravian - which means if you add more now and don't spend them all in one semester, they'll roll over to the next semester.

We offer a variety of options, including allergy-friendly fare at our Simple Servings station (we do not use ingredients with the top 8 most common food allergens of egg, soy, milk, wheat, gluten, sesame or shellfish), to vegan options, to gluten-free foods.  Being able to stop in when you are hungry means you won't have to pack a lunch or do dishes if you are pressed for time.

We also have many vegan or allergen-friendly options in The B&G and DeLight's Café, as well as Clewell and Clewell Convenience.

We have a Registered Dietitian on our staff that can help you navigate campus dining with a dietary concern, allergy or intolerance. We encourage you to have a conversation with her - she is a wonderful resource that can help make dining on campus easier and more fun!

All of our items are "grab and go" in the Blue & Grey Café (the B&G), Clewell Convenience and most items are packaged to go in DeLight's Café as well. 

We also have to-go options in The Star and Clewell.

  • Try our Pick 4 fridge in The Star or Clewell, and you can choose 4 packaged items, including sandwiches, salads, snacks and drinks.
  • Purchase a reusable green container and take whatever you like from The Star or Clewell with you. We have two sizes of green containers and they can be purchased with cash, credit, debit, Dining Dollars or Hound Bucks. When you're done with your food, bring us back the container and we'll give you a clean one or a card redeemable for a container when you're ready.

Dining Dollars and Hound Bucks

Dining Dollars are extra dollars you get with your meal plans that can be used in any dining location on the Moravian University campus. Dining Dollars are a declining balance account that can be used like a debit card on campus at DeLight's Café, the Blue & Grey Café and Clewell Convenience. They can also be used to pay the student door rate for all meals at The Star and Clewell Campus Restaurants (Breakfast: $7.50, Lunch $12.25, Dinner $14).  They can be used over some semester breaks (typically fall break, Thanksgiving break, Spring Break and Easter weekend), but not Winter Break or Summer break. Unused Dining Dollars will roll over from fall to spring semester, but expire at the end of the academic year.  You cannot replenish Dining Dollars, but you can add Hound Bucks instead, as they work the same way as Dining Dollars.

Hound Bucks, formerly known as Additional Dining Dollars, are dollars that you add independent of your meal plan. Also a declining balance account, Hound Bucks can now be purchased online at any time on OneWeb by students, faculty and staff, whether you have a meal plan or not! They are used the same way - but any Hound Bucks added do not expire and stay with you until your balance reaches $0 or until you leave Moravian University or graduate. Hound Bucks also come with a bonus - FREE Hound Bucks when you reload. Buy $20 - $199 Hound Bucks and receive 10% bonus dollars. Purchase $200 or more Hound Bucks, and you'll receive a 20% bonus! If you are adding $200 or more, please note that you automatically receive the 10% bonus with your purchase, but your second 10% (total, 20%) will be added within 1-2 business days.

Students can easily add Hound Bucks to their account at any time during the semester by logging in to our Student Account system, Transact eAccounts, anytime.

  • To log in, use your AMOS ID, which is your Moravian email and network password.
  • Click "Add Money" on the homepage to add Hound Bucks.
  • Enter your credit card information, and ensure that you click the "Finalize Deposit" button to complete the transaction (otherwise funds will NOT be deposited).

Parents can log in as a guest and add money as well. Visit Transact eAccounts.
  • Click "Make a guest deposit", and enter your student's ID number to credit their account (typically the number is six digits, and starts with a 5).
  • After entering your credit card information, please make sure you click the "Finalize Transaction" button in the bottom right corner.
  • 10% of the bonus dollars are added immediately, and the remaining 10% for qualified deposits will be added within 2-3 business days.

Dining Dollars included with your meal plan carry over from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester only. When you purchase a new meal plan in the Spring, your account will include both your new Dining Dollars and any dollars that rolled over. Take note that at the end of the Spring semester, any remaining Dining Dollars are forfeited. They do not carry over from summer to a new fall semester.

Hound Bucks are independent of your meal plan and do not expire. They will stay on your account until you reach a $0 balance or until you leave Moravian University. All remaining Hound Bucks remaining on your account will be forfeited when you leave the University (regardless of reason). 

FAQs for Parents


For parents of freshmen - you may not know yet their habits or schedule on campus. For that reason, if the meal plan your student selects (or the default meal plan) is not sufficient, it can be changed in the first week of classes, before the add-drop deadline for classes.  You also have the option to change their plan before the add-drop deadline of Spring semester (typically the first week of classes). 

  • If your freshman is involved in fall sports or other activities, and is not on campus often on the weekends, the Hound Unlimited 5 day may be just fine. This plan does not allow for meal swipes in our dining facilities on weekends (Unlimited meal swipes are valid from Sunday dinner - Friday lunch, but it does allow for students to use Dining Dollars on the weekends in any location). 
  • If your student would prefer the ability to swipe in and dine in The Star or Clewell on the weekends, consider upgrading to the Gold Unlimited plan, or moving laterally to the Hound 200 plan. The Hound 200 plan comes with 200 meals for the entire semester, usable any day of the week.
  • WHAT EXPIRES WHEN: Meal swipes expire at the end of every semester and don't roll over. Dining Dollars roll over from fall to spring only and expire at the end of Spring semester. Hound Bucks don't expire until your student leaves Moravian.



Many upperclass students (Juniors and Seniors) are often away for the weekend or involved in activities that take them away from campus and they don't use campus dining facilities. That's exactly why we designed the Hound Unlimited 5 Day plan to not include meal swipes on weekends (this plan is valid from Sunday dinner - Friday lunch). Students CAN use the Dining Dollars associated with their plan to dine anywhere on campus on the weekends. 

  • If you don't think the Hound Unlimited 5 Day will work for your student, there is the option to upgrade to the Gold Unlimited plan or move laterally to the Hound 200 plan.  
  • Many students with kitchen facilities enjoy the Silver or Bronze plans.
  • WHAT EXPIRES WHEN: Meal swipes expire at the end of every semester and don't roll over. Dining Dollars roll over from fall to spring only and expire at the end of Spring semester. Hound Bucks don't expire until your student leaves Moravian.
Moravian Dining has a very specific protocol regarding food preparation for students with allergies and intolerances. We also partnered closely with FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) to put protocols in place for food preparation and serving to prevent allergen cross-contamination. Moravian University Dining, in 2021, was the first University in the nation to be FARECheck Gold certified at our Simple Servings station, passing a top level audit by an independent FARE auditor with no recommendations. We encourage you to visit our Food Allergies page to read more about the protocols that we have in place.

Upon your student's arrival at Moravian, we would like to meet them to connect them with the appopriate resources and information to help them navigate dining on our campus. We strongly encourage a meeting with our Registered Dietitian, Executive Chef and General Manager. In many instances, our dining team can easily assist with special needs.

Sure! As of August 1st, 2022, we are a cashless facility. But we accept credit, debit and touchfree payments like Apple Pay at all dining locations.

If they'd like to eat in The Star or Clewell, meal prices are as follows:

Breakfast: $8.00
Lunch: $12.25
Dinner: $14.25

Special Dinner (double-swipe events): $15

Items are priced as marked in The B&G, DeLight's Café and Clewell Convenience.

PRO TIP: Get up to 20% more for your money by adding Hound Bucks to your student's account. They'll receive 10% free dollars for amounts of $1 - $199 added and 20% free dollars for amounts of $200 or more. The funds are conveniently loaded onto their student ID card and stay with them as long as they're at Moravian.

We encourage students to learn how to sign into the Transact eAccounts system. Parents will typically not have access to your student's account unless they are a minor (age 17 or younger). Students can log into eAccounts using their Moravian University network login and dual factor authentication.

  • To check balances, select: Account Transactions for Dining Dollars & Hound Bucks balance.
  • Select Board Plan Transactions for meal swipes balance and usage history.

How do I add a meal plan for my commuter student?

Visit eMarket here to see the meal plans available to your student. 

  • Select any of our Commuter meal plans and go through checkout.
  • To select a resident student meal plan (also available to commuters), please email
  • Commuter meal plans can be added at any time during the semester, but keep in mind that meal swipes will expire at the end of the semester. 
  • Dining Dollars associated with commuter meal plans will roll from fall to spring only, and then will expire at the end of Spring semester.
  • Access eAccounts here.
  • You will need your student's ID card number (typically, a 6-digit number starting with 5)
  • Select "Make a Guest Deposit" on the bottom of that page
  • Follow the prompts for the amount you'd like to add and payment information.
  • Once your credit card information is accepted, click the "Finalize Transaction" button on the bottom right. Your transaction will not complete and funds will not deposit unless you finalize your deposit.
  • Funds should deposit immediately into your student's account.
Things to know about Hound Bucks:
  • They don't expire until your student graduates or leaves Moravian.
  • If you add $1 - $199, you receive an instant 10% bonus of free dollars. If you add $200 or more, you'll receive a 20% bonus - 10% instantly and the remaining 10% within 1-2 business days.
  • Any student can add them (commuters, resident students or grad students)
  • They can be used in any dining location, including vending machines and our food truck.

Additional FAQs

We do! Downloading the Everyday app is a must.  With Everyday, you can view nutritional information for our menu items, plus order pickup from our retail locations and our food truck.

You can also log in to your dining services account, check balances and add funds via eAccounts.

  • Visit eAccounts.
  • Log in using your Moravian email and network password.
  • Once you're logged in, you'll see a Hound Bucks box on the home page. Click "Add Money" to add funds.
  • Check Account Transactions for Dining Dollars or Hound Bucks balances.
  • Check Board Plan Transactions for meal swipe balances and usage history.

Find specific information about Dining on campus with a food allergy here
For students with medical conditions that impact their ability to dine well on campus, we strongly encourage a conversation with our Registered Dietitian, Executive Chef,  and/or our General Manager. In many instances, our dining team can easily assist with special needs. 

We learned a lot from the pandemic and want you to stay at home if you're not feeling well. It helps us prevent the spread of viruses. Instead, you can use the Everyday app to order a meal and have it ready for a friend to pick up. 

Yes! We are cashless as of August 1st, 2022.  But we do accept credit, debit and touchless payments like Apple Pay.