Covid-19 Updates

Your safety is our top priority. We closely monitor COVID-19 guidelines directed by Centers for Disease Control and government officials to make sure we are bringing you the most up-to-date information as we continue to navigate through the pandemic. Our teams have worked diligently to implement robust policies and procedures aimed at keeping our students and staff safe. Take a look at Moravian Dining's Phased approach PDF. To see more details about what we are doing, please click through the topics below. 

  • All employees are required to wear face masks at all times inside our building, whether in the service area or behind the scenes.
  • Employees will be provided with triple-layer cotton masks which will be changed every four hours.
  • Customers entering our dining room areas will also be required to wear a mask or face covering.
  • Surfaces will be cleaned frequently with certified virucidal cleaning and sanitizing products.
  • High touch areas will be sanitized after every use.
  • Tables, chairs and areas in our dining room will be cleaned after every customer.
  • Our Resident Dining locations (The Star and Clewell) will be closed every day between 3 and 4:30 pm (with only Grab-and-Go available during those times) for a thorough cleaning and sanitization.
  • Dining areas will be available for dine in depending on the State of Pennsylvania's guidelines/phases for food service. In Green phase, dine-in will be available at 25-50% capacity. In Yellow phase, dine-in will be available at 25% capacity. No dine in is permitted during Red phase.
  • Dining areas will be adequately social distanced by at least 6 feet, with partitions as necessary.
  • Seating availability limits each dine-in table to a maximum of four people.
  • Decals on the floor demonstrate adequate space for social distancing during food pick up, as well as direct the flow of traffic.
  • One Way traffic will be in effect in our dining locations to limit contact among students.
Campus Restaurants (The Star and Clewell)
  • Entrance to The Star and Clewell will be contactless. Students will be able to swipe their own ID card to gain entry.
  • To facilitate quick service, we have eliminated made-to-order options at the Blue Star Grille in The Star for the temporary future. Blue Star Grille will still feature breakfast sandwiches and entrees in the morning and until 3 pm, and burgers and sandwiches for dinner.
  • The Star and Clewell will be closed between 3 and 4:30 so we can clean and sanitize the restaurant. We will be offering grab-and-go options (using meal swipes) by the register during that time.
  • Please follow guidelines for one way entry and exit into both locations.
  • Please wear face masks and use sanitizer upon entry.
  • Food may be taken for dine-in or to-go as our current state phase applies (see below for Red Phase guidelines).
  • Dine-in seating availability limits each table to a maximum of four people.
  • We will provide single use paper sheets for high-touch surfaces to prevent contact (like soda machines and coffee stations).
Retail Locations (The Blue & Grey Café, DeLight's Café and Clewell Convenience)
  • Please wear a face mask and use sanitizer upon entry.
  • Please follow directional signage for one way entry and exit in these spaces.
  • Kiosk ordering will still apply; kiosk now allows you to swipe your card (student ID or credit card) to pay for your meal immediately.
  • See the cashiers to purchase any packaged items/botted beverages, etc.
  • We strongly encourage the use of Grubhub for contactless ordering, payment and quick pick up or near-to-campus delivery.
Quarantined Students or Confirmed Cases
  • If you have a confirmed positive COVID test, or are quarantining because you have been exposed to a confirmed case, the College will provide quarantine housing.
  • Dining Service will provide a meal order form, from which those students can order daily meals. Dining Services will provide contactless delivery to that quarantine housing.
Red Phase/Shelter-in-Place
  • If the campus goes to Red Phase or a Shelter-in-Place order, meal service will still be available on an order-ahead basis.
  • Students will order meals in advance via an order form, and then pick up at designated times in The Star or Clewell.
  • Retail locations will close during Red Phase.
  • Students can see our daily menus and nutritional items in advance using the Bite app. Future plans for Bite include heatmapping in dining locations and order/pay with meal plans.
  • Currently, students can order in advance via Grubhub for pickup and delivery on campus.
  • Kiosks in our retail locations will enable students to pay for their meal upon ordering, to reduce lines and wait times.
  • Currently, employees will be asked to self-monitor for any COVID symptoms at home.
  • Employees who have any symptoms will not be allowed to work.
  • Employees will be trained thoroughly on our new cleaning protocols.
  • We will be implementing the six foot kitchen in the back of the house, providing more room and proper PPE for each employee.