Welcome to Moravian College Dining!

We know you probably have a ton of questions about coming to college - what to eat shouldn't be one of them! This guide for our Class of 2024 and new students is designed to connect you with resources to answer those questions so you don't live hangry. 

For all new students, we suggest three tips to get the most out of your experience here:

1) Connect with us on Social Media - that's where we post specials and featured menu items, have contests and giveaways and let you know about special events. 
Instagram @moraviandining
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2) Sign up for texts with specials, coupons and important information:
Text MOCO to 82257 and just for signing up, you'll receive $1 off any handcrafted drink at Starbucks in DeLight's Café.

3) Try foods you never have before. You may find your new favorite thing.
Peep our menus here or download the Bite app.

Visit our Virtual Orientation page for a virtual tour and other videos showcasing Moravian College Dining in action.

First Year Meal Plans

Living on Campus? Most first-year students default to our Silver meal plan. You also have the option to upgrade to our Gold Unlimited Meal Plan.

Commuting? You are not required to have a meal plan; however, Commuters can choose from ANY of our student meal plans, or can add Additional Dining Dollars.  Dine on campus and choose convenience and great value!

Gold Plan

Unlimited Meals and $300.00 Dining Dollars, plus 10 guest swipes | This plan provides you with the most flexibility with unlimited meal swipes in Resident Dining and $300 dining dollars to use at retail locations (B&G, DeLight's Café and Clewell Convenience) throughout the semester. It is best suited for students who usually eat three meals or more per day, an athlete in training, or a Hound that likes the convenience of having several meals a day. Never worry about counting meal swipes, using swipes up, or running out. Unlimited Gold Meal Plans will come with 10 guest passes per semester. Bring a friend or a parent to dine with us - meal plan owner must be present to use guest passes. 

Price: $3,515.00

Silver Plan
200 Meals and $350.00 Dining Dollars | This plan provides you with 200 block meals and $350 dining dollars to use at retail locations (B&G, DeLight's Café and Clewell Convenience) throughout the semester. If you're a commuting student that spends a fair amount of time on campus, consider the Silver plan for an average of 13 meals per week. 

Price: $3,158.50

Bronze Plan
120 Meals and $570.00 Dining Dollars | This plan provides you with 120 block meals and $570 dining dollars to use at retail locations (B&G, DeLight's Café and Clewell Convenience) throughout the semester. This plan provides an average of 8 meals a week in Resident Dining - great for lunches and an occasional dinner. Now includes MORE Dining Dollars so you can grab food on the go.

Price: $2,444.00

Commuters have tons of options! Commuters are not limited to Rechargeable Commuter plans, they can choose from ANY of our student meal plans (including the Resident meal plans, above). Really, it depends on how frequently you think you'll be dining on campus, which is why we suggest you start small - you can add a Rechargeable meal plan at any point during the semester. 

Commuters can also opt to add Additional Dining Dollars instead or in addition to any meal plan which can be used in all dining locations. See our FAQ for more information on Additional Dining Dollars.

Rechargeable Commuter A

70 Meals and $125.00 Dining Dollars | This plan provides you with 70 block meals (approximately 5 meals per week) and $125 dining dollars to use at retail locations (B&G, DeLight's Café and Clewell Convenience) throughout the semester.

Price: $988.00

Rechargeable Commuter B
45 Meals and $95.00 Dining Dollars | This plan provides you with 45 block meals (approximately 3 meals per week) and $95 dining dollars to use at retail locations (B&G, DeLight's Café and Clewell Convenience) throughout the semester.

Price: $678.00

Rechargeable Commuter C
10 Meals and $40.00 Dining Dollars | This plan provides you with 10 meals and $40 dining dollars. This plan is great to add when you're running out of meals at the end of the semester or want to try out eating on campus as a new commuting student. You can always add any of the rechargeable plans throughout the semester.

Price: $165.00

 Buy Commuter Plans

Resident Students - Students living on campus can add Additional Dining Dollars to their account at any time during the semester. They don't expire as long as you are at Moravian College, AND you get 10% free dollars if you add $1-199, and 20% free dollars if you add $200 or more. These are independent of your meal plan and can be used at any Dining location on campus.

Commuters - Additional Dining Dollars are a great option for Commuters. They can be used in every dining location (in The Star and Clewell, you pay our door rate for entry) and don't expire until you leave Moravian College/graduate. 

Additional Dining Dollars can be added at any time during the semester by logging into OneWeb (using your Moravian email and your NET ID password) and choosing "Add Cash." We offer an instant 10% bonus automatically. If you add more than $200 Additional Dining Dollars, please allow 2 business days for the additional 10% bonus to be added to your account. See our FAQ below for more information. 

Here are a few of the top questions that students and parents have about meal plans.

Students that live on campus are required to have a meal plan (also known as a "board" plan, or room and "board"). New resident students automatically default to our Silver meal plan, and you will have until the 2nd week of classes (the Add/Drop class deadline) to upgrade to Gold Unlimited if you wish to do so.
Commuter students are not required to have a meal plan, but may opt for any meal plan they feel would suit them, including meal plans for resident students.
Commuter students and Resident students can opt to purchase Additional Dining Dollars, which don't expire until the student permanently leaves the college. See "What are Additional Dining Dollars" below for more information.

All meal plans have two components: meal swipes and Dining Dollars. Meal swipes are redeemable for "all you care to eat" in our two campus restaurants: The Star (in the Haupert Union Building, North Campus) and Clewell (in Peter Hall, South Campus). You will present your ID card at the door (AKA "swipe in") and can choose from anything and as much you like.
Dining Dollars are a declining balance fund that can be used at any dining location on campus. Typically, Dining Dollars are used to purchase things from our retail locations on campus: The Blue & Grey Café, DeLight's Café and Clewell Convenience. They can also be used to pay the door rate at The Star or Clewell.
Meal plans are loaded onto a student's ID card and the student presents their ID card upon entering the dining room or upon checkout from one of our retail locations. Students who lose their IDs (or have a damaged ID card) will not be admitted to the dining room - so it's important that students immediately report any lost, stolen or damaged ID cards to the Campus Safety office.

Commuters have two great options for dining on campus:

1) Opt for any meal plan - depending on the number of meals they will be eating on campus, meal plans give a great amount of flexibility, with both meal swipes and Dining Dollars. 

2) Purchase Additional Dining Dollars - Additional dining dollars are independent of a meal plan, can be used at any dining location on campus, and don't expire (until you graduate/leave the college). Plus, when you add $1-$199 Additional Dining Dollars, you get 10% free dollars. Add $200+ Additional Dining Dollars, you get 20% free dollars as a bonus.

Commuters can also purchase things in our stores with credit/debit or cash, but you save 6% sales tax when you use a meal plan, and your plan is conveniently loaded onto your student ID, without having to stop by an ATM or carry a debit/credit card. Dining on campus also saves you the hassle of leaving campus and losing your parking spot.

Yes. Meal swipes expire each semester - so use them up to get the most value for your meal plan! Dining dollars associated with meal plans roll over from Fall to Spring semester ONLY. At the end of Spring semester, they expire. 
Additional Dining Dollars, added independently of a meal plan, do not expire until you leave the college.

We will say that this does not typically happen - the Silver meal plan is more than adequate for most students that live on campus.
The first option is to upgrade to our Gold Meal Plan, which offers unlimited meal swipes during the semester, meaning students can come in multiple times per day for snacks, coffee, and as many meals per day as desired. Upgrades are available during the first two weeks of the semester, though, so that's typically a decision that needs to be made early in the process.

Alternatively, if it's mid-semester and if your student is running low on swipes, students can use any remaining Dining Dollars in their meal plan account to pay for the door rate to our campus restaurants (The Star and Clewell), or purchase things in our Cafés using Dining Dollars.

An additional option is to add Additional Dining Dollars (which don't expire until you graduate/leave the College), or purchase a small rechargeable/Commuter meal plan, which can be added at any point during the semester.

You can easily log in to our Student Account system, OneWeb, at https://oneweb.moravian.edu. To log in, use your AMOS ID, which is student's email address and network password. Go into Financial > Balances to see your meal plan balances and usage history. We encourage parents and students to become familiar with checking your balance to effectively manage your meal plan usage. 

Students can also ask for their balance upon swiping in to The Star or Clewell or checking out at any dining location.

For Resident students, meal plans are added during the Housing selection process and automatically default to Silver. You can upgrade to Gold Unlimited anytime until the Add/Drop date for classes (typically 2 weeks into the semester) through Housing's meal plan portlet in AMOS: https://amos.moravian.edu/ICS/Campus_Life/Student_Life/Meal_Plan_Selection_Portlet.jnz. You will need to be logged into AMOS using your Moravian email and network password.

Meal plan selections/availability are based on your Housing selections. Once students become upperclass students and have the opportunity to live in Housing locations with kitchens, they can opt for our Bronze meal plan as well, and that can also be completed in the Meal Plan portlet in AMOS: https://amos.moravian.edu/ICS/Campus_Life/Student_Life/Meal_Plan_Selection_Portlet.jnz

For Commuter Students, it's easy to add a meal plan to your account at any time during the semester. First, log into OneWeb, our student account system here: https://oneweb.moravian.edu (user name is Moravian email, password is your network password). Go to "Purchase" and "Meal Plans" and you will see the options available for you.  

Additional Dining Dollars are a declining balance account that is independent of a meal plan. They are also loaded onto a student's ID card like a meal plan. If a student has BOTH Additional Dining Dollars and a meal plan, they will need to specify upon checking out which tender they prefer to use.

Additional Dining Dollars are usable in any dining location like a debit account. If a student purchases $7.42 worth of food in the Blue & Grey Café, that exact amount will be debited from their account. Additional Dining Dollars can also be used to pay the door rate at The Star or Clewell. Because they are independent of a meal plan, Additional Dining Dollars do not expire (until you leave the college permanently or graduate) - so if you have funds left over at the end of one academic year, they will remain in your account through the following year. 

When you add Additional Dining Dollars to your account, you automatically get a 10% bonus of free dollars on purchases from $1-$199, and 20% free dollars if you add $200 or more - so you get even more for your money! They are a great alternative to a traditional meal plan for Commuters, or a great add-on for resident students for extra snacking/purchases/stocking up the fridge.

Additional Dining Dollars are easy to add anytime during the semester using the college's student account system called OneWeb.  

First, go to the OneWeb login page here: https://oneweb.moravian.edu (username is your Moravian email, password is your network password).

- Click on "Add Cash"
- Indicate how many Additional Dining Dollars you would like to add.
- Add a note (if you are depositing for a student, you can include a small note i.e. 'Happy Birthday' or 'Good Luck on Finals') 
- Click Continue
- Complete Billing info and submit.

Note that your 10% bonus will automatically be applied. If you are purchasing $200 or more, the additional 10% bonus will be manually applied to the student's account in 2-3 business days. Additional Dining Dollars (added independently of a meal plan) will not expire until your student leaves Moravian College permanently/graduates.

Moravian College Dining locations are equipped and dedicated to accommodate customers who have food allergies, Celiac disease, or other dietary needs. Our managers communicate daily with customers, in order to provide safe, healthy, and delicious options.

We offer our Simple Servings station on campus in The Star, which features separate prep and cooking areas. All of the recipes at our Simple Servings station exclude the top 7 allergens: milk, eggs, wheat, gluten, soy, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts (we don't use any peanut or tree nut products in The Star's kitchen). This is a popular station for students as well because the majority of the menu features healthful lean proteins, vegan vegetables and sides.

If you or your student has food allergies, we strongly encourage a conversation with our Registered Dietitian Sue Hurd, our Executive Chef and our General Manager. Please see our more detailed information about dining on campus with food allergies/intolerances here: https://moravian.sodexomyway.com/explore/foodallergy. You will also find contact information for our team so we can set up a time to meet with you and/or your student.

Yes. Moravian College Dining has been working for several years to increase the amount of Vegan and Vegetarian options that we provide to our customers. This is a short list of the options we have on a daily basis (and may be subject to change). As always, we encourage you to come to us with any questions, concerns or if you need assistance - we love getting to know our students and helping you find delicious options that are suitable for your needs!

The Star
- Sustainable Table features daily restaurant quality plant-based entrees and sides, like "Chicken-Fried" Tofu and Vegan Gravy, fresh pasta Tuesday, and Nachos with Vegan Cheese sauce.
- Simple Servings sides are Vegan
- Daily Vegan/Vegetarian hot entree at Hometown Classics (for example, Grilled Vegetable tacos, Lentil Shepherd's Pie)
- Vegan/Vegetarian soup available
- Vegetarian pizza available daily
- Amos' Salad Hut offers salads, toppings and mix-ins like beans, cubed tofu and other toppings
- Non dairy milk available

- Made-to-order Vegan and Vegetarian hot entree every day
- Vegan/Vegetarian soup & salad options
- Plain rice/grains in our rice cooker every day
- Non dairy milk available

Blue & Grey Café
- Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh has many Vegan/Vegetarian entree options, including falafel, portobello mushrooms and hummus, veggies and rice as well as many vegan sauces.
- Hissho Sushi offers Vegan/Vegetarian sushi and sides
- CRU5H also features the Impossible Burger, as well as other Vegan/Vegetarian entree options
- Dairy-free ice cream available for purchase
- Many Vegan/Vegetarian snack items available

DeLight's Café
- All Natural Smoothies are Vegan (except one: Honey Almond)
- Zime offers Vegan and Vegetarian options like salads, sandwiches & empanadas
- Starbucks offers non-dairy milk

Clewell Convenience
- Frozen foods include Vegan/Vegetarian options like Amy's pizza and burritos
- Grab-and-go items include Vegan/Vegetarian sandwiches & sushi
- Non dairy milk is available

The COVID pandemic will likely change the look and feel of our dining location for an undetermined period into the future. For example, self-serve options will no longer be available, dining space indoors will be limited and socially distanced, and all customers will be required to wear masks when entering.  We are committed to keeping our students, staff, faculty and employees safe.  You can find more about Sodexo's COVID policies here.

Yes - lots of them!

Find meal plan details and additional FAQs on our website: https://moravian.sodexomyway.com.
Students can find detailed information about our dining locations, meal plan basics and more on the College's AMOS (intranet) here.

Find out about upcoming special dining events and our daily featured menu items on social media:
Moravian Dining's Instagram
Moravian VegOut Instagram (Vegan & Vegetarian options)
Moravian Dining Facebook

See what's on the menu and nutritional information by downloading our Bite app.

We have a Registered Dietitian on staff who is a free resource for students and parents. Sue Hurd, RDN LDN, helps students with nutrition and health questions, and provides counseling for students with food allergies, and/or medical concerns.

Any questions not answered here can be directed to our team or to mcdining@moravian.edu!