If you're living on campus, yes, you are required to have a meal plan. All students default to our Hound Unlimited plan. If you live in housing with a kitchen, you have the option to select our Silver or our Bronze plans, or upgrade to an Unlimited Plan. Any student also has the option to upgrade to our Gold Unlimited 7-Day Plan. Commuter students and students, Faculty and Staff living off campus can select any meal plan that fits their lifestyle. For additional information, please head to Moravian College's Tuition and Fees webpage.

Our default meal plan for 2021-2022 is the Hound Unlimited 5-Day plan. All students living on campus will automatically default to this plan. The Hound Unlimited 5-Day provides unlimited meals between Sunday dinner and Friday lunch, and then, on weekends, students use Dining Dollars exclusively to either pay the door rate at The Star and Clewell, or to grab some food at the B&G or Clewell Convenience.

The Gold Unlimited 7-Day plan provides Unlimited meals 7 days a week.

If you'd like to upgrade or change your meal plan, you can do so within the Meal Plans portlet on AMOS (you must make any changes before the add/drop deadline for classes). 

Block Meals or Meal Swipes can be used in any Resident Dining facility on campus.  You can enjoy all you care to eat in our resident dining locations, with everything from made-to-order entrees, pasta, salad bar, soup, pizza and decadent desserts! We also have special events in our dining locations that cost two swipes, like Bodacious Burgers night, or Decadent Desserts, where you can grab a huge burger, or an ice cream sundae for the cost of an extra swipe. 

Block meals or meal swipes may be used only during the semester in which they are purchased. They do not carry over from semester to semester.

Students, faculty and staff are able to use meals at your discretion. There is no specific amount you have to use within each meal period or a week. Meals not used “roll over” each week. You can track your Meal Swipes and Dining Dollars during the semester by asking any cashier in one of our dining facilities for your current balance or, log into OneWeb. To login, use your NETID (YOUR MORAVIAN EMAIL) and your password (AMOS PASSWORD), and select Financial > Balances.

Parents can check balances in our Parents Portal at: https://oneweb.moravian.edu/OneWeb/Parental/LogOn. You will need your student's ID number.

Yes! Moravian College is allowing Students, Staff and Faculty to use meals and Dining Dollars (DD$) in locations that are open during semester breaks such as Fall Break, Spring Break and Easter Break. Additional Dining Dollars (dollars you've added over and above your meal plan) are usable over Summer & Winter break as well.

Yes, you can change to a different meal plan during the first two weeks of each semester with one caveat - if you live on campus, you must have at least the Hound Unlimited 5 Day plan if you don't have a kitchen, and a Bronze plan if you do have a kitchen. You can always upgrade to our Unlimited Gold plan in those first two weeks.  If you'd like to adjust/change your meal plan, you can do so within the Meal Plans portlet on AMOS (you must make any changes before the add/drop deadline for classes). 

Commuter students can purchase Commuter meal plans on OneWeb or should reach out to Housing to opt into a larger resident student meal plan.

Rechargeable/Commuter meal plans and Additional Dining Dollars alone are also available to purchase if you find yourself running low.  Students can simply log into OneWeb with your Moravian email and NET ID password, and select "Meal Plans" to add a meal plan or "Add Cash" to add Additional Dining Dollars.

A student and/or guardian who signs the Residence Hall Room Contract is obligated to be a resident and participate in a College meal plan for the full academic year. Exceptions to these contractual obligations may be granted for extenuating medical, financial or religious and spiritual reasons. Studentsrequesting an appeal should complete the Housing Status & Meal Plan Appeal Request Form.  For medical requests, please contact the Accessibility Services Center.

Have questions about how best to use your meal plan? Ask Dining Services for suggestions. 

You are still welcome to dine on campus without a meal plan - all of our locations accept cash, credit and touch-less payments like Apple Pay.
Items in our retail locations (Blue & Grey Café, DeLight's Café and Clewell Convenience) may be paid for with cash or credit, and you can pay the door rate to enter The Star or Clewell.

2020-2021 Door Rates for The Star & Clewell are as follows:

Breakfast (7 am - 10:30 am): $7.50
Lunch (10:30 am - 2:30 pm): $12.25
Dinner (4:30 pm - 8:00 pm): $14.00

Dining on campus with a meal plan means you'll pay less per meal than our door rate so if you think you'll be dining in The Star or Clewell frequently, a meal plan can save you a significant amount of money and time.

Dining Dollars are extra dollars you get with your meal plans that can be used in any dining location on the Moravian College campus. Dining Dollars are a declining balance account that can be used like a debit card on campus at DeLight's Café, the Blue & Grey Café and Clewell Convenience. They can also be used to pay the student door rate for all meals at The Star and Clewell Campus Restaurants.

Additional Dining Dollars, or dollars that you add independent of your meal plan, can now be purchased online at any time on OneWeb by students, faculty and staff, whether you have a meal plan or not! They are used the same way - but any Additional Dollars added do not expire and stay with you until your balance reaches $0 or until you leave Moravian College or graduate. Additional Dining Dollars also come with a bonus - FREE Additional Dining Dollars when you reload. Buy $20 - $199 Additional Dining Dollars and receive 10% bonus dollars. Purchase $200 or more Additional Dining Dollars, and you'll receive a 20% bonus!

Students can easily add Additional Dining Dollars to their account at any time during the semester by logging in to our Student Account system, OneWeb, at https://oneweb.moravian.edu.
To log in, use your AMOS ID, which is your Moravian email and network password. Go into "Add Cash"to purchase Additional Dining Dollars. 

Parents can log in through our parental log in page here: https://oneweb.moravian.edu/OneWeb/Parental/LogOn. You will need your student's ID number. 

Buy Additional Dining Dollars online here. Just log in (if you're not already logged-in) and select "Add Cash."

Dining Dollars included with your meal plan carry over from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester only. When you purchase a new meal plan in the Spring, your account will include both your new Dining Dollars and any dollars that rolled over. Take note that at the end of the Spring semester, any remaining Dining Dollars are forfeited. They do not carry over from summer to a new fall semester.

Additional Dining Dollars (independent of your meal plan) will not expire and will stay on your account until you reach a $0 balance or until you leave Moravian College. All remaining Additional Dining Dollars remaining on your account will be forfeited when you leave the College (regardless of reason). 

We do! The Moravian College app provides convenient links to Dining Services events, our menus, plus log-ins so you can check your meal plan and Dining Dollar balances. Download the Bite by Sodexo app to find what's on our daily menus, and track nutritional information, or sort by any dietary concerns (like vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free). Download the GrubHub app, and order and pay ahead for meals at any of our retail locations. GrubHub Campus even accepts Dining Dollars!

To check your meal plan balance, or Add Additional Dining Dollars, log in to OneWeb here:  https://oneweb.moravian.edu.
To log in, use your AMOS ID, which is student's email address and network password. Go into Financial > Balances to see your meal plan balances and usage history.  Select "Add Cash" to add Additional Dining Dollars.

Parents can log in through our parental log in page here: https://oneweb.moravian.edu/OneWeb/Parental/LogOn. You will need your student's ID number.

Find specific information about Dining on campus with a food allergy here
For students with medical conditions that impact their ability to dine well on campus, we strongly encourage a conversation with our Executive Chef, Registered Dietitian and/or our General Manager. In many instances, our dining team can easily assist with special needs. 

If you're not feeling well, it's ok - we'd prefer that you don't come in to dining locations, especially if you have a stomach virus. Instead, order a sick meal and have a friend or neighbor pick it up. Order using this order form, and we'll charge your meal plan account accordingly. Typically, our sick meals consist of bread, yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast (along with fruit and a beverage), or soup, salad or sandwich for dinner, along with fruit and a beverage.

Yes! We always accept cash or credit at the door.

Please reach out to Kristin Piazza, GM of Moravian College Dining Services at piazzak@moravian.edu, or call our offices at 610-861-1484.