If you're living on campus, yes - students living in units without kitchens will default to our Silver Plan and those living in units with kitchens default to our Bronze plan. You may upgrade to our Unlimited Gold Plan if you need more meals throughout the semester. Commuter students and students, Faculty and Staff living off campus can select any meal plan that fits their lifestyle. For additional information, please head to Moravian College's Meal Plans webpage.

Starting in the 2018-2019 Academic year, Meals, aka Block Meals or Meal Swipes, can be used in any Resident Dining facility on campus, including our newly renovated student restaurant "The Star."  You can enjoy all you care to eat in our resident dining locations, with everything from made-to-order entrees, pasta, salad bar, soup, pizza and decadent desserts!

Students, faculty and staff are able to use meals at your discretion. There is no specific amount you have to use within each meal period or a week. Meals not used “roll over” each week. You can track your Meal Swipes and Dining Dollars during the semester by asking any cashier in one of our dining facilities for your current balance or, log into OneWeb. To login, use your NETID (YOUR MORAVIAN EMAIL) and your password (AMOS PASSWORD).

Block meals may be used during the semester in which they are purchased. They do not carry over from semester to semester.

Yes! Moravian College is allowing Students, Staff and Faculty to use meals and Dining Dollars (DD$) in locations that are open during semester breaks such as Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break and Easter Break.

Yes, you can change to a different meal plan during the first two weeks of each semester with one caveat - if you live on campus, you must have at least a Silver plan if you don't have a kitchen, and a Bronze plan if you do have a kitchen. You can always upgrade to our Unlimited Gold plan in those first two weeks. Rechargeable meal plans and Dining Dollars alone are also available to purchase if you find yourself running low. Have questions about how best to use your meal plan? Ask Dining Services for suggestions. Email Dining Services

Dining Dollars are extra dollars you get with your meal plans that can be used in any retail location on the Moravian College campus. Dining Dollars can be used on any item in those locations. All Residential Student meal plans in the 2018-2019 academic year come with $300.00 in Dining Dollars, and Rechargeable/Commuter plans come varying amounts up to $125.00. Additional Dining Dollars can now be purchased online at any time on OneWeb by students, faculty and staff, whether you have a meal plan or not! Buy $20 - $199 Dining Dollars and receive 10% bonus dollars. Purchase $200 or more Dining Dollars, and you'll receive a 20% bonus! Buy Dining Dollars online here.

Dining Dollars carry over from the Fall Semester to the Spring Semester only. When you purchase a new meal plan in the Spring, your account will include both your new Dining Dollars and any dollars that rolled over. Take note that at the end of the Spring semester, any remaining Dining Dollars are forfeited. They do not carry over from summer to a new fall semester.

M-Flex is an on-campus debit account linked to your student ID that gives you the convenience of having funds at all times without carrying cash around! Students, staff, and faculty can use their M-Flex accounts at all campus dining locations and the Moravian College Book Shop. The following credit cards are accepted to purchase additional funds to your M-flex account: Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  OneWeb Link to Add Funds to M-Flex

Balances can be obtained by calling the Bursar’s Office, checking with any cashier in one of our dining facilities, or using OneWeb. To login, use your NETID (YOUR MORAVIAN EMAIL) and your password (AMOS PASSWORD). You may also add money to your M-Flex account by logging onto OneWeb. OneWeb Link to Add Funds to M-Flex

Any Moravian College student, Faculty or Staff member with a valid ID card is eligible to use their M-Flex account. This account is established when the ID card is produced. For more additional info please click this link

Refunds are given upon graduation or withdrawal from the College.

We do! The Moravian College app provides convenient links to Dining Services events, our menus, plus log-ins so you can check your meal plan and Dining Dollar balances. Download the Bite by Sodexo app to find what's on our daily menus, and track nutritional information, or sort by any dietary concerns (like vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free). Download the Tapingo app, and order and pay ahead for meals at any of our retail locations. Tapingo even accepts Dining Dollars!

We encourage any student with food allergies, sensitivities or dietary concerns to talk to our registered dietitian on staff, Sue Hurd, who can assist that student with ensuring that they find meals that will accommodate their allergy/sensitivity/concern. We take food allergies and sensitivities, as well as other dietary concerns very seriously - the important first step is that you notify us of the allergy/sensitivity/concern. 

After our renovation, our new Student Restaurant, The Star, will include our Simple Servings allergen-free concept that provides designated and separated prep and cooking areas for foods without the top 7 allergens, including gluten. In addition, The Star is designated as peanut and tree-nut free. 

Our staff is also trained extensively on food handling to prevent cross-contact. Our online app Bite can help identify ingredients in our daily menus, as well as track carbs, calories and fat to assist students who may be diabetic or hypoglycemic in managing their conditions. As always, if you have any questions while you're dining in our facilities, you can ask any of the servers or chefs for assistance as well.

Yes! We always accept cash or credit at the door (but note that cash rates for meals are often more than your meal swipe allows - so there's an advantage to having a meal plan!).

Please reach out to Kristin Piazza, GM of Moravian College Dining Services at piazzak@moravian.edu, or call our offices at 610-861-1496.